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About Us
The Ashok group is part of ITDC (Indian Tourism Development Corporation). ITDC was established in 1966 as an autonomous public sector corporation. ITDC was entrusted with the task of helping developing infrastructure and promote India as a tourist destination.
Today ITDC provides a complete package of tourism services including accommodation, catering, and transport, publicity and hotel consultancy, duty free shops, and in-house travel agency, entertainment and shopping.
ITDC’s accommodation chain – the Ashok group – is the largest in the country. It offers accommodation ranging from luxury suites to modestly furnished rooms, from beach resort to a moderately priced forest lodge. Almost 1000 rooms are scattered throughout India.
The Hotel Pondicherry Ashok is a joint venture project of ITDC (Government of India undertaking) and PIPDIC (Government of Pondicherry undertaking), constructed at Kalapet Beach of Pondicherry at the extreme eastern side of the present east coast road.
As per the initial strategy, ITDC commissioned this resort in an absolutely environment friendly location spreading over 65 acres and overlooking the Bay of Bengal.
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